Tamborine Mountain

We found a brochure somewhere for the Treetops Challenge at Tamborine Mountain so decided to take the kids on our way between Border Ranges NP and the Gold Coast.

Its a massive high ropes course which was pretty good fun. We had realised from the website that Matthew would be too short but the website promised there was a junior course he could do. Unfortunately we only found out when we got there that the junior course only runs on weekends. And we had to wait 2.5 hours for the next session on the normal course for Izzy! Not a good start to our day hoping to get to the Gold Coast by mid-afternoon!

Oh well, we found a nice park for lunch and found a geocache to pass the time. That also gave us a chance to look around. Tamborine Mountain is about 60km from both Brisbane and the Gold Coast so I imagine it gets busy (we were there on a weekday so it was fine), and it’s a bit like the Dandenongs near Melbourne. There seems to be a number of little towns with cafes, B&B’s, galleries, craft shops, etc. To Lindy’s disappointment we didn’t have time for any of that.

Then Izzy and I were on to the ropes courses. There’s a number of courses to do which meant they weren’t crowded and they were quite good fun. Unfortunately, though Izzy was too short to do the hardest courses (again, we only found that out part way through which was annoying) and the ones she could do were probably a touch easy for her. But she had a good time.

As part of the obstacles between trees there were quite a few flying foxes which are always fun.

Matthew found a couple of other activities to do while we were on the ropes course. Mini-golf and then fossicking for ‘Thunder Eggs’. He seemed to enjoy that and we now have 10kg of rocks to carry for the rest of the trip!


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