Border Ranges NP

I’d never heard of the Border Ranges NP before but we found it on the map in about the right spot for a stopover on our way to the Gold Coast (via Tamborine Mountain) and WikiCamps suggested that the campsite was nice so we went for one night. We’re so glad we did!

There are two campsites. The first, Sheepstation Creek, is just near the entrance to the park and the second, Forest Tops, is further up the hill. We decided to go up to Forest Tops but we also had a quick look around Sheepstation Creek on our way out. Sheepstation Creek is a large campsite with fairly standard individual sites you can drive your car or small caravan or RV into. It would be a perfectly nice spot to camp. Just after Sheepstation Creek there is a sign warning that the road is not suitable for caravans. We had no problem with Mali though, although the Forest Tops campground is not for caravans or camper trailers – we were reassured we’d made the right decision not getting a camper. The campground is really a large(ish) picnic ground, separated from a small car park by a row of bollards. So we had to walk in a little and set up the tents away from Liam and Mali.

Anyway, we got there at about 4.00pm so decided to quickly unhitch Mali and go for the scenic drive loop through the park. It is beautiful rainforest and was a very pleasant drive with a few lookouts over the valley and into Queensland. The most spectacular lookout was The Pinnacle and we managed to get there for sunset (just – probably 10 minutes earlier would have been perfect, but you can’t have everything!).

Then it was back to camp to set up, have dinner and get into bed. It was a very peaceful site with plenty of birds calling to each other in the trees.

Next morning we packed up early and headed off to Tamborine Mountain where we had promised the kids some tree surfing.


  1. Looks beautiful there.
    We are jealous but today we have found a camper for our adventures. You will have to save some spots to go to with us some time!

    1. Wow! What did you get? We’ll certainly go somewhere with you guys. In fact you could come join us on our trip.

      1. We have bought an MDC Robson XTT. Dual fold camper trailer. Now we’re looking for something to tow it! Roger is watching 4WD videos on Youtube.
        We only have two weeks leave in October so don’t think we’ll be able to get up to wherever you are then. Need a few practice runs

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