Kalbarri is yet another place we had never heard of before leaving home. It’s a nice little holiday beach town … More

Mt Augustus

Everyone knows that Uluru is the world’s biggest rock, right? Well, not according to the people over in this part … More

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is one of the world’s largest fringe reefs, which means amazing coral and sea life can be seen … More

Dirk Hartog Island

Dirk Hartog Island has to be up there as one of the best places we have visited on our trip … More

Francois Peron NP

When discussing this section of the trip with Andrew’s folks we were uncertain where to go when we reached the … More

Kennedy Range NP

From Karajini our plan was to head to Francois Peron National Park.  This was a big drive, so we decided … More