About Us

Our family

We are a family of four from Melbourne and have taken eight months off school and work to travel around the country. This is our blog where we keep a record of our adventures for anyone interested.

We are:

  • Lindy (mum)
  • Andrew (dad)
  • Izzy (8 years old)
  • Matthew (6 years old)

We all love camping, hiking and generally just being in the outdoors. We often spend weekends and holidays camping and off road touring but have never done anything this long. A few years ago we started talking and dreaming about doing a long trip like this and now we’re doing it!

The plan is basically to leave home and head up the east coast, then spend most of our time in northern Australia and on the west coast before getting home in time for the kids to start school again in 2019.

Liam and Mali

The other two very important members of our team are Liam and Mali.

Liam is our 2015 Toyota Prado 150 GXL. We have slowly modified him and built him up over the last three years to get him ready for this trip. He’s all ready taken us on some great trips including the Flinders Ranges and Tasmania as well as numerous shorter trips closer to home. Now he’s really looking forward to exploring further afield with us.

Liam hooked up with Mali in early 2017 and they’ve been inseparable since! Mali is a Drifta DOT 6 Equip with a few customisations to suit us. We purchased Mali specifically with this trip in mind. We don’t really need her for shorter trips (we’ve been fine for 3 weeks or so on previous trips without her). However, we have to admit it has been great for even short weekend trips having all our camping gear permanently packed in the trailer and ready to go.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how Liam and Mali got their names, they’re simply made from the first letters of our names – yep, that’s what happens when you have young kids!