When we were at the Gold Coast, Matthew and I got to decide out of four theme parks which one we went to for 2 days. So we went to Dreamworld, Australia’s biggest theme park. It was so fun.

I rode a Hot Wheels roller coaster that went 90 km/hour. It had a fast drop and two really fast and fun LOOP the LOOPS! It was so fun! All the rides were amazing and awesome. Some of them include the ESCAPE FROM MADAGASCAR, LOG RIDE, BUMPER CARS, TAIL SPIN and CHAIR O PLANE. There is also a gigantic water slide park in there which has got really fun and steep slides. My favourite was the HYDROCOASTER. It was really fun and it went up and down really steep. When you went down the first bit it felt like you were flying in mid air! I also I liked THE RIP.

The next day we went back to Dreamworld.  But this time with some friends that are going to do Fraser Island with us. I went on a ride called WIPEOUT  where you sat down and it flung you in weird directions and hung you looking at the ground and shot water at you. It was so fun!

Because we bought season passes, we got a free ticket to a ride called FLOWRIDER which was boogie boarding on an artificial wave. At the very end I kneeled up with no hands. It was really fun!


Dreamworld was awesome!


  1. Looks awesome Izzy, you are certainly braver than I am going on all those rides!
    Have fun with George, Byron and Scout, we wish we were camping with you too.

  2. Wow Izzy! I wanna go there too! Although not sure I could handle the Wipeout nowadays. Attila, Emi and Isti also like the Penguins of Madagascar; in fact, it’s probably the only tv show they don’t fight about!

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