It seems that all our time spent in large towns is filled with shopping and errands but in Darwin we tried to fit in some relaxation and fun.

The kids were keen to visit a crocodile park and after their research they decided on Crocosaurus Cove in the heart of Darwin. It was the fishing for crocs activity that was the clincher for Matthew.

Yes, this is a tourist attraction and it is right in the centre of Darwin so do not expect massive enclosures and space.  They do feed the crocs and the crocs do sluggishly jump eventually, there is a tiny pool with glass you can swim next to crocs, and yes, you can fish for crocs.  You hold  a wooden rod with a piece of meat hanging on some string over an enclosure filled with young crocs about 18 months old and they jump up to eat it.

As well as the crocs, Crocosaurus Cove had a really impressive reptile enclose, the best I have seen and they had a snake feeding presentation where an olive python was fed a rat (dead of course) which was impressive to see.

Darwin also does a heap of markets over the dry season.  We headed to Mindal Beach Markets for the mandatory sunset and fire show. Everyone kicked a goal with dinner as there are sooo many food stalls.  I was super happy with my Laksa and paw paw salad … fond memories of my time up north before we were married.

Izzy and I also headed to Parap Market on the Saturday.  This market has grown since I was here over 13 years ago but was still great and is the place for smoothies and laksas.  There were so  many great items at this market and it had a relaxed but busy feel.

The other thing Darwin does well is playgrounds. In the city there was a new looking playground with a mega slide the kids loved.  It also had some great water play and different versions of the usual equipment which was great.

But the thing Darwin does amazingly well is free water play areas including big waterslides.  We headed to Leanyer Water Park one day.  This place had three waterslides and a water play area with big buckets, sprinklers etc as well as a beach entry pool.  The second park we went to was Palmerston water park which has a six wide mega slide you can race down as well as a toddler zone and older child zone.  This is such a great service to have in a city that is warm all year round.  The kids loved it.




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