Litchfield NP

On our way out of Darwin we got a call to let us know Andrew’s Oma had died.  Such an amazing, strong woman who also loved camping in her younger years.  We decided to continue to Litchfield and reconsider our plans from there.

We decided to take it slow over these four days and set up camp in one location.  There is no mistaking that Litchfield is a lot more developed and popular than Kakadu so finding a quiet location can be a bit of a challenge.  But Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) was  a great base for our four days.  It is down an easy 4×4 track from the main road with one river crossing and even had flushing toilets and cold showers – perfect for this hot weather.

Matthew and Izzy made a new friend at the  campsite and we spent one day exploring Tjaynera Falls together.  It was a really nice walk and a lot less crowded than the main sites of Litchfield.

Also in the park we visited Wangi Falls with green grass, wide paths, cafe and wi-fi.  It is also home to a large number of fruit bats.

We also visited the quieter Lost City.  This was smaller than the lost city in Limmen NP and not as impressive but still worthwhile and a real contrast to the main falls of the park.

Although popular, Buley Rockholes was a great place to spend time on these warmer days.  The river here is connected by a series of small falls and deep pools.  Izzy enjoyed jumping in while Matthew made boats to race down the river.

We were a bit tired to walk to Florence falls but made it to the lookout which was stunning.

From camp we drove out along the Reynolds River Track, a nice easy 4×4 track that has a few river crossings and takes you through a variety of vegetation. It was also a great track to appreciate the two main types of termite mounds found here, magnetic and spinifex. It is amazing seeing a field of slender magnetic termite mounds all facing north.


  1. As usual amazing photos and interesting commentary Andrew – Izzy and Matthew are getting a wonderful education on your trip. Much better than anything they would learn at traditional school ??

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