Byron – the place to reunite with amazing friends

During some adventures earlier in life I have met some amazing souls.  Two of which happened to be in Byron this weekend.  One friend, Lauren, I meet when we both volunteered at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the second, Bron,  I met the same year when on an expedition to Nepal.

On Saturday Lauren and her 4 amazing children met us at our camp at Flat Rock Tent Park.

This was an epic event for Matthew as he got to meet his pen friend Max.  The kids spent all day hanging out together.  With the warmer weather Izzy hit the surf with Ashleigh,  Sophie and a bit later Max.  Lauren suggested ice cream at Lennox Head as it is amazing.  She was right and we all devoured two  scoops of creamy deliciousness and Izzy declared it the best ice-cream of the trip so far.  Yes it may have been the first ice-cream of the trip but it certainly set a high standard.

Because it was such a sunny day we spent the afternoon back at the beach swimming and exploring before an early dinner of fish and chips together and an introduction for the Grays to Finska.

A favourite moment down at the beach was when the kids found a crab in the shallow water and were trying to pick it up. Andrew managed to get a photo of the closest they came to holding the crab.

Lauren had also mentioned The Farm at Byron to hang out so we met there Sunday for an explore.  This place has a number of producers (flowers, veggie and protein), a bakery, restaurant and nursery.  It was busy by 9am but a great place to explore with our families.  The kids loved the playground and as a bonus the RFA (CFA for NSW) was present and doing activities for kids.  Izzy got to knock a ball of a witches hat with the fire house.   We walked amongst the veggie patches, met Charlie the local horse and followed a ‘maze’ in the sunflowers.  Luckily Matthew directed us the correct way to revive and rejuvenate as opposed to the anti-clockwise option which brought on a woeful death.

The highlight for Izzy and me was the macadamia grove you can wander through and forage for macadamias.  Then crack and eat them.  This while the crows peck more nuts off the trees.  So much fun trying to get a macadamia out whole from the shell.

One last photo with the Grays …

… and then it was time to say goodbye before heading to Clarke’s Beach to do the Cape Byron Lighthouse walk with Bron and her friend from Melbourne.  Such a stunning walk with beach vistas and rainforest to walk through.  We even spotted whales and dolphins.

This walk took us to the eastern most point of the Australian mainland.  We hope to also visit the northern and western most points on this trip.  Andrew and Izzy hung out for a tour of the lighthouse while the rest of us headed back to the cars. They arrived back at the cars a bit later with Izzy very excited about how good the tour, and climbing up the lighthouse, was.

Such an amazing time in Byron catching up with some dear friends in stunning surrounds and some yummy food.  Ticked all the boxes.




  1. Looks like Byron was lots of fun! We are envious of the weather – it is raining cats and dogs here!
    A maths problem for Izzy – & it involves ice cream! Last year when we went on our trip up north we were gone for 7 weeks. Of that, 6 weeks were warm enough to have ice cream everyday!!! One day was soooo hot that we even had 4 ice creams!! (Last day in NT before heading home)
    If there are 3 ice cream-eating-children, how many ice creams were demolished over the 6 week trip?

      1. Wow! That IS a lot of ice creams! I haven’t done the maths myself, but it sounds about right 🙂 It also sounds like about the number of beers that Rob consumed over that period (mid strengths, of course) 😉

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