Turning 7 on the Road

Happy Birthday Max/Matthew

I turned seven at Desert Queen Baths in Karlamilyi National Park.  We arrived late the night before because Grandpa got bogged and Dad had to go and help him.  We found frogs in the sand when digging him out!

I woke up and went to Mum and Dads’ tent straight away and Mum had to go to the toilet.  It seemed like ages but Mum came back and I opened my cards and presents.

Then Dad cooked heaps of pancakes for breakfast.  They tasted delicious.

Then I decorated the campsite with pictures I had drawn during the trip.  Izzy and Mum put up some balloons.

After that it was time for a swim.

For lunch I had ‘the usual’ – peanut butter and Nutella on bread, and Dad cooked jaffles on the fire for everyone except me. Then Izzy and I had a water fight.

Then it was time for my dinosaur Birthday cake!!!  It was fantastic to have a dinosaur cake in the bush.  It had tic tacs for teeth and even had dinosaur eggs.

For dinner we had pasta and drank ‘blood’ drinks with eyes in them.  Not real eyes obviously!  We played spooky music and  had special fire flames and glow sticks.

It was a really great day.



  1. What a birthday to remember Matthew, so very special and that cake must have been a wonderful surprise. Seeing camels in the outback, how fantastic! Hope you continue to enjoy your adventure. Love, Susan, John and Elizabeth

  2. What a fantastic story about your birthday Matthew. I liked the cake and the drinks with eyes sound really scary. Thanks for sharing. Love from both of us.

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