Kalgan’s Pool

From Desert Queen Baths, we had originally thought of driving straight to Karijni NP in a day, but we soon decided that was probably a bit far. Instead we headed for Kalgan’s Pool, a spot just north of Newman that I had heard of.

We drove through Karlamilyi NP to the south and spotted our first camels along the way. Matthew’s reaction was priceless when he first saw them: ‘Did you guys see those things that looked like camels?’ No, we didn’t but we turned around and soon found them again so Matthew could take some photos with his new camera.

Incredibly, one of the latches had fallen off our trailer – quite unbeknownst to us – and we found it lying on the track exactly where we took the photos of the camels.

After leaving the park, we headed west along the Talawana Track which was a good road heading back onto the main highway between Newman and Marble Bar. We stopped on the side of the road for lunch and Lindy and Izzy took the opportunity to photograph some of the many beautiful wildflowers in the area.


Finding Kalgan’s Pool was a little confusing due to the number of mining tracks in the area, but we got the right track after a bit of searching and it was a lovely drive in, basically along a creek bed which made for some very long creek crossings.


The pool itself was a little disappointing because it didn’t have much water it in, but it was a nice setting and a perfect little campsite for one night. The kids had fun playing on the very large rope swing hanging from a nearby tree, although the water was so low the swing didn’t actually reach the water!

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