Searching for Annabelle

One of the bonuses of having family visit is that Andrew and I got to take a walk along the beach together sans kids.  Louisa Bay was a stunning place to do so and on the short stroll we spotted crabs, a ray and loads of coral and shells.

Often when walking I am also drawn to pick up rubbish.  I am heartened to say that there was not a lot on Dirk Hartog, apart from at Mystery Beach, a place known for flotsam and jetsam from tidal currents.  If you have lost a toothbrush chances are you will find it there in a shrine of plastic toothbrushes washed up on the beach.

On this particular walk I found a bottle.  I jokingly said to Andrew ‘look a bottle…… I wonder if it has a message in it?’

The brown bottle was very weathered like the weathered, opaque pieces of smoothed glass you find on beaches and it even had shells attached to it.  This thing had been floating for a while.

The gaffer tape where a cork had once been was not worn though and on holding the bottle to the light I found that this bottle did in fact have paper inside it.

We rushed back to camp to open it with the kids and found a gorgeous hand written note…..if a little wet…..from Anabelle.

But with no date and no contact details we were left wondering who Annabelle is.  So we have decided to unleash our find onto social media in search of Annabelle to see if we can find her and let her know we found her note washed up on Dirk Hartog Island at Louisa Bay, WA, Australia.

So feel free to share this post and encourage others to do so and let’s see if we can let Annabelle know that we got her message.




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