When we went to Ningaloo Reef I decided I would like to try surfing by doing a learn to surf lesson.

Mum wanted to do it so we decided that mum and I would go together.

On the day, we arrived at the beach where we were supposed to meet the lady with the surfboards.

We soon noticed that there were black blobs in the water and we wondered what they were. We soon discovered that they were millions of turtles and that we were going to go surfing with them.

The lady finally arrived and we got started by her telling us how to do it.

We did a couple of test runs on the sand.

It was time to get in the water we paddled out till we found a good wave we paddled and paddled with our arms till we caught it you slipped your legs up and started to stand up.

It helped to have experience with body boarding .

You then saw as you were paddling back out that the turtles were swimming right under you.

A lady accidentally kicked one she looked so sorry but it didn’t even feel her with its tough shell it just came up to breathe at the front of every ones  boards which were  a semi circle and opened its mouth you could see all its teeth and the patterns of its neck it was really cool.

After two hours it was time to go back in.

But it was someone’s birthday and there was a cake. It was really yummy especially the cream it was so fresh.


  1. What a great experience to be able to do that with turtles. Looks like we will have to get a surf board for the Cape. Can’t wait to see you and mum surfing. Thanks for the blog Izzy.

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