Finishing touches to Liam’s boot

In a previous post I explained how I had removed Liam’s third row of seats and built a false floor which lowered the floor and gave use more storage room.

I’ve now put in a few finishing touches and it’s now all finished.


With the third row of seats gone there was noticeably more road noise coming through the floor. I had a look around and ended up buying some of this stuff from Jaycar. It’s pretty easy to install. It’s self adhesive so you just cut it to shape, peel off the backing and stick it down. Three sheets were perfect for the section of the floor that is bare steel and probably are all I needed. I had bought four though so the fourth went behind the seats.

That has cut down the road noise a bit. I’m still undecided as to whether it was worth it or not to be honest. That stuff is pretty expensive and with the boot loaded with a bit more gear the noise would probably be cut down anyway.

Final bits and pieces

The last step was screwing in few tie down points for the fridge and other gear and then just a few extra bits of carpet to touch up a few spots I’d missed previously.

We’ve put the fridge in as close to the back of the car as possible, which leave plenty of room for a 20L water container behind the seat, which we can take in and out via the side door.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result. And the best thing is that the fridge is significantly lower making it easier to get into and the door actually opens all the way.

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