The Road to Perth

The drive to Perth had two highlights.  The first was Hutt Lagoon, a pink lake just off the road.  The lake turns pink from the pink vegetation that grows on the lake bed.   It is also a salt lake so when we walked out to the lake the thick crust of salt crunched under foot.  We were lucky as it was a very still morning and as the lake is quite shallow it made for some great photo opportunities.

Our second stop was Lancelin, a smallish seaside town known for its large sand dunes.  This was the reason for our stop because here you can hire sandboards and take to the dunes.  It was a windy day and we had a few reservations as to whether it would be worth it.  Our last experience sandboarding was in Tasmania and we felt a bit disappointed.  However Lancelin’s dunes did not disappoint.

Ten dollars gets you a board for two hours and in this time we watched each other tackle the dunes many times.  The boards were super slick, especially once waxed.  Matthew aced his first attempt with a cool grace, nailing the slope the entire length standing.  We did wonder whether next winter snowboarding may be more his style.

Andrew criticised my stance before having a spectacular stack on his first and only attempt and Izzy enjoyed the thrill and was trying to turn by the end of our time there.  Needless to say we all left windswept, sand blown and with a sandpapery feel to our entire bodies.  Despite this we had a ball.


  1. Sounds Like a lot of fun for one and all – maybe Andrews centre of gravity was too high and undermined his success. Good move to pull out though Andrew while you had a body in one piece!!

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