Pajinka (The Tip)

Once at the Tip we decided to stay at Punsand Bay, one of the main caravan parks at the tip. We had not booked but called once we crossed the Jardine and they must have had a no show as we ended up with a beach front site.


This place is popular for those who drive the main road or as a place to wash and unwind after the Tele Track and it was nice to have a night off cooking for one of the two nights we stayed.  While here we caught up with several families and couples we had completed some of the Tele Track with.  It’s a great place to relax and reflect on the journey. They also do movies of an evening for the kids during peak season and the place has a pool.  This is a massive drawcard for the kids who really find it hard that they cannot swim in the amazing beaches.  The bathrooms also attract frogs!

We took a relaxed drive via Roma Flats Track to get to the northern most point of the Australian mainland.  It is only about a ½ hour drive but passes though heath, rainforest and marsh so is really pretty.

After a relaxed lunch on the beach we took the short walk to the northern most point.  The views were stunning and the kids loved rock hopping and searching for a geocache.  We spent quite a while enjoying the view, watching the heli-flights and becoming photographers for other tourists.

After two nights it was time to head back south.  The drive back on the main road  is definitely faster but has loads of corrugations and ruts and a lot more dust than the Tele Track so still needs to be driven with caution.

On the way back we stopped at the original crossing of the Jardine for the Tele Track for lunch.  All I can say is I am glad they built the ferry.

We spent a night  at Moreton Telegraph station where Izzy spent time writing a message to her class in morse code and explaining the story of the Tele Track.  We then returned to Weipa to collect Mali and all the extras we now have to fit in the car, like the second working leaf spring, brackets and the famous block of wood that got us back to the main road safely. We stayed one night in the caravan park and didn’t get much sleep because we all got up early to watch the lunar eclipse.

The final day of our Cape York experience we stopped for lunch at a little free campsite just south of Archer River Roadhouse.  It was a lovely spot with a deep waterhole for swimming, little rivlets to explore and loads of shade.  It would be a place I would happily camp for a week.  The only other couple there had been making the most of this quiet spot for the last three days.  I think we were the only people they had seen.



We had planned on driving a bit further on our last day on the Cape but decided to make the most of a free camp next to a river just north of Coen before we have a couple of longer days driving to our next main stop, Lawn Hill.

Cape York is definitely a spot we would be happy to return to.  We would happily drive the Tele Track again and spend time exploring more of the Tip and making the most of the free camping spots hidden away.



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