Izzy’s Birthday

My birthday, was fun, awesome and cool.

I woke up in the morning with the moon and stars on one side of the earth and the sun rising on the other. I ran to mum and dad’s tent with Matthew. Dad needed to go to the toilet. Matthew was sad because he was excited about the presents but then dad came back and said there was a queue then, mum said she needed the toilet. When she got back Matthew grabbed the presents he looked really excited. He grabbed his, first which had a Moana card that had a magnetic puzzle you pulled out(that we later did on Mali because she’s magnetic in some places).  Then he got out a game called PIRATE FLUXX. Next mum and dad got out a card from them with a picture of a fox on the front the fox said “ WHEN IT COMES TO HOW AWESOME YOU ARE “ then you  open it up and it says “ I HAVE NO WORDS“. Finally it starts singing What Does the Fox Say!

Mum and dad got me a E-reader (Kobo) Matthew also got me  a deck box  and some beautiful  clip on earrings I also got a really nice magic wand  and a special rock.  Next we had breakfast (porridge) and Grandma and Grandpa and Nan and Pa rang me on the satellite phone to say ‘Happy Birthday’.

Then we got in the car and OMG!  It was filled with balloons.  Not just five balloons.  HEAPS.  As much as could possibly fit in the car.  We drove into Winton.  It was so much fun.

We walked around Winton and went to three different opal shops.  One had free opal fossicking.  It was a rock pit and you sprayed water on a saw if you could see opals in them.  If there was, you got to keep it!

We kept looking at the shops.  One was a library where I set up my e-reader.  Then is was lunch time so we went to a pub and I had dinosaur nuggets and chips.  It was yum.  Mum said it felt good to have a break from wraps for lunch.

I couldn’t put my new Kobo down, even at lunch!

Then we went to a park where we learnt how to play Pirate Flux.  It was fun.

Finally it was time for afternoon tea.  We found another playground and mum bought some ice-cream to make an an ice-cream cake.  She got a tub of peppermint ice-cream, put heaps of choc magic on and then some freckles and gobstoppers.  Bu wait!  OH NO!  We didn’t have any spoons!  We had to use ice-cream as finger food.  My dream come true!  It was delicious.

We then hurried to the movies to see my favourite movie, Greatest Showman.  We got in and I was about to turn around to mum and say I hope it was a sing-a-long when a guy stood up and said “welcome to the Greatest Showman sing-a-long”.

We ate dinner while watching the movie.  Dinner was nacho wedges.  And when you looked up at the sky (because the cinema had no roof) you could see all the stars.  We even had our picture taken for the local paper.  The event was all part of a movie festival called Vision Splendid.

Finally it was time for bed.  We drove back to the campsite and I got in bed.  I read my new book on my e-reader.  A 10/10 day.

Matthew asleep after a big day. And the car was still full of balloons.



  1. Looks like you had an awesome day. I particularly like all the balloons in the car. Jade and Luke have kobo’s as well so maybe we can share some books.

  2. What a brilliant birthday and you were certainly in Winton at the right time. Wish I could have had some of the ice cream cake and eaten with my fingers too! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Hi Izzy – Uncle Winston has just sent on your birthday messages to me so I have joined your blog and will see your posts myself in future. It looks like you had a fabulous birthday and your trip is so interesting. you are lucky to be up in northern Australia because it is very cold here in Melbourne.
    Love Aunty Lauris

  4. Hi Izzy,
    Wow!! What an amazing birthday you had. Sure beats your teammates singing you “Happy Birthday…cha,cha,cha…”. I am really enjoying reading your blog entries and we are following where you are on the big map in the classroom. We are all sooooooooo jealous and wish we were there. Keep on enjoying your adventures.
    From your friends in 3A xx

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