Getting Hitched on the Road

WARNING – this post contains an excessive use of puns.

It’s fair to say Liam and Mali have supported each other through a lot so far on this trip.  They have each carried more than their load and have supported each other through significant setbacks.  They have made tracks on the beach together, scaled mountains and helped each other out of tight corners.  At times they sunk so low together they though they may never rise again but working together and with the support of close friends Max and Doug they got through.

But their commitment and love for each other has shone throughout and with much delight, we can report that Liam and Mali officially got hitched while at Mt Augustus. As the sun set, with the lush green grass offset against the immense rock and outback an intimate ceremony was held.

Izzy was the celebrant and Matthew was ring bearer. It was Izzy’s first appearance as a wedding celebrant, but Matthew was chosen because of his significant experience having been ring bearer at both Michael and Petra’s and Maree and James’s weddings.

Guests included Lindy and Andrew and the Chivers family and their Conquerer who we had met on the manta ray tour in Coral Bay (and happened to set up next to us while final preparations were being made for the ceremony).

Izzy and Matthew planned the event seamlessly with subtle styling and a stand up reception immediately after the ceremony, including the long anticipated wedding cake.

Since their big day, Liam and Mali have been almost inseparable and look forward to many more adventures together.



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