The Great Ocean Road with Friends

From Glenelg we traveled along the Great Ocean Road to meet friends in Apollo Bay.  We had our last night with the four of us at Killarney and spent the evening reflecting quietly on what an amazing time we have had together.  We each shared our highlights and challenges, as well as the humorous moments.  The kids have really grown and developed on this trip and despite the bickering at times have really developed a strong bond.

On the way to Apollo Bay we had a few mandatory stops, such as London Bridge.  This had to be done as several times through the trip Andrew referred to the time he went to London Bridge as a kid.  It had been pouring with rain so he did not get out of the car.  Two days later the bridge collapsed! Hence the moral for our kids being, let’s get out an enjoy this today for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

We also stopped at the 12 Apostles, which was super busy.  It is impressive and very pretty but I could not help thinking we had witnessed other equally stunning coastlines on the trip that were a little more pristine.

We arrived at Apollo Bay by mid-afternoon to meet a great bunch of mates who we met through Venturers and now love sharing camping trips together with our own kids.  We actually did not stay in Apollo Bay, but a small town just north called Marengo.  It has a cosy campsite with gorgeous views right next to the beach.

The next four days were spent swimming, fishing, playing games, sharing stories and exploring the local attractions.  Because we made our booking quite late we were not camped with the others.  This meant we could ease our way back in to civilisation a bit, and increase our fitness carrying the camping chairs back and forth.  This of course was undone by the various visits of the icecream shop!

It was a great few days and on the last night as Andrew and I quietly shared a bottle of wine together we felt ever so grateful that we took this opportunity to explore this amazing country together and, should circumstances be different, we would have happily kept on traveling on the road.

But as morning came and we packed up for the 101st time it was time to return home.  We did manage to stall by having a leisurely lunch at Platypi Chocolates overlooking the forest.  But by mid-afternoon we pulled up outside our house, feeling quite surreal as we unlocked the front door and stepped back into our home.


  1. What an amazing trip!

    It was actually a pretty sad feeling for me reading what could be the last post after following your adventures around the country and keeping the blog open for 8 months!

    You will just have to start planning the next one!

    1. Oh, we can’t have you feeling sad so we’ll just have to go again. Maybe you should come.
      Thanks for reading and all your encouragement to keep us going.

    2. Awe. Might have to plan another trip then! Has been great reading your comments along the way and don’t fear there will be some kind of logistical reflection full of fun fuel, camping and rough costing facts at some stage.

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