Glenelg River

Back in Victoria! We had a few days between Mt Gambier and having to meet friends in Apollo Bay so we decided on a three nights by the Glenelg River, which ended up being lovely. We chose Pritchard’s Campground, which is the largest of many along the river, basically because it was the only campground not booked out at short notice.

We stayed for three nights and it was great to be back into the Victorian bush. We really noticed how the bush in Victoria has a different feel, even compared to other places we had been that were superficially quite similar.

The kids enjoyed playing with a couple of other families in the campground, particularly on the river with some canoes and a rope swing.

On our way out from the Glenelg River we stopped at Cape Bridgewater, near Portland, for the seal tour. It was a great tour in a small boat (9 of us) along the rocks and cliffs past a colony of Australian and New Zealand Fur Seals.


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