Kanangra-Boyd NP

We camped at Boyd River Campground in Kanangra-Boyd NP for three nights. This place is home to some spectacular cliff faces and a lovely walk along the top of them.

We drove in on the Kowmung River Fire Trail and arrived at camp just on dark. Coming in was a lovely drive, although it might have been longer than sticking to the 2WD road. It gave me my 4WDing fix with some steep climbs and river crossings but it was a lovely forest to drive through and we saw plenty of wildlife because it was just on dusk – lots of red-necked wallabies, eastern-grey kangaroos, a couple of wombats and a lyrebird. One wombat ran along (quite fast!) in front of the car for some time before finally deciding that getting off the road was a better option.

It has been cold here, which might explain the lack of other people. There was one couple the first night, another the second, and nobody the third night. The scenery though is impressive. We went down to Kanangra Walls and Kalang Falls one day (it was only then that I realised Lindy and I had been here before), and did the longer ‘Plateau Walk’ the second day.


The campground here is great, with plenty of room with lots of spots. It also has a nice shelter with a beautiful big fireplace. The shelter is great for eating breakfast when it is snowing (yes!) and for writing blog posts late at night.


  1. Love these photos! The scenery looks glorious. It does look cold though. I’m snug in bed with heat pack over my feet and one around my neck hahaha… xx

  2. Nice! We were in the Blue Mountains this time last year, it was cold then too! But yes, beautiful. The Buchan Caves were pretty cool. We have friends in Springwood, Charles and Emma. Let me know if you want to pop in to say hi! They love visitors 🙂 Kellee

  3. Wow guys what an amazing experience you are already having. Yes I agree with Danielle….looks a bit cold for this creature of habit who goes to bed with her hot water bottle as my microwave is broken and can’t use my heat pack. Enjoy guys. I look forward to your next installment!

    1. Yes, that was pretty cold there. It’s getting warmer now though. I actually wore my shorts and thongs yesterday.

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