Remember how I said in my last post how I told my class I would not see any snow?

Well guess what?

On only day three it was so cold and we were so high up it actually snowed!

So my dad was cooking pancakes and I was carrying some stuff to where we were going to eat and I saw some white things falling down.  I had a lot in my hand so I needed to put it down then go investigate. I thought it might be hail but when I put my stuff down I realized it was snow!

I knew it was snow and not hail because it wasn’t in a sphere or cube and it wasn’t ice and it didn’t hurt like hail and it was light and fluffy.

One of the reasons I was so excited was : you know how you get journals with a bit to circle the weather?

Well, I was excited because finally, finally I used the snow flake in my journal.

We are at Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

And don’t worry I’ve been doing my maths homework in front of waterfalls.


  1. Fancy getting snow – how lucky are you. How did you manage to concentrate on your maths with such a great view? Bet your class mates were wishing they had such a great place to do their lessons.

  2. Pizza in a dinner suit in the car – now that’s my idea of luxury. And Izzy I am so glad you have those orange shoes – I can see you even in the snow!

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