We had a day spare before getting the car to Katherine so stopped at Mataranka to visit the springs.  A number of families had recommended staying at Roper Stock Camp when there due to the relaxed community feel and being so family friendly.  The place was busy and quite dusty but had loads of animals and a very relaxed community feel.  They have a large community fire pit and in the mornings make Jonny cakes – a cross between doughnuts and scones which they sell for $1 each.  They also make fresh bread and rolls you can order the night before so they are baked fresh and warm in the morning.

The bonus for the kids was they have children’s pythons you can hold of a morning and a number of bikes you can ride around the space.

We decided to hang out at Bitter Springs for the day floating down the river and playing in the shade.  It had been about 13 years since I had been here.  The infrastructure is a bit more built up to deal with a greater number of people but the springs are still beautiful and were a great place to relax for the day.  Izzy described the warm water as being soft and was amazed at how silky her hair was after soaking in the springs for a few hours.


  1. Hi Lindy, Andrew, Izzy and Matthew
    Sounds like you are still having an eventful trip – but like all resourceful ex scouts you are managing to work through the pitfalls and enjoy the scenery/history of the areas you are travelling through. You are certainly meeting a variety of people on the way and the scenery is magnificent. Everyone seems very happy to help fellow travellers and spend time swapping notes (not like travelling up the Highways at great speed)!
    Izzy and Matthew – I loved the photos of you both holding the pythons. They were just your size and easy to hold – I can remember holding a big one on a zoo excursion with Bennett’s kinder group. It was very heavy and cold!
    Looking forward to more holiday news and photos
    Love Aunty Lauris

  2. The photos of you two with the snakes are impressive. Perhaps you can come back again when the snakes are bigger and take more photos! And floating in the springs sounds awesome. I’ll ask Zach if he’s got his letter yet.

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