We went to the dinosaurs. It was a looooooong drive but it was worth it.

Fun Fact: The plant eating Hadrosaurs had about 960 cheek teeth.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum at Winton

We saw real dinosaur bones and even got to touch one. Near Winton they have discovered four new types of dinosaur. Two of the dinosaurs they found died near each other:

  • Banjo, a Australovenator wintonensis; and
  • Matilda, a Diamantinasaurus matildae.

Banjo is like a small tyrannosaurus rex with sharp pointy claws and Matilda is a big, four-legged herbivore. Matilda was 15m long and weighed more than 15 tonnes.

We also got to see a real dinosaur lab in action and even got to touch a real dinosaur bone.

Fun Fact: Stegosaurus had a small head and its brain was around the size of plum.

Dinosaur Stampede near Winton

We saw lots of dinosaur footprints at the Dinosaur Stampede. There were about 3,300 footprints from three different types of dinosaur.

There was a big meat-eater about the size of a horse (another Australovenator wintonensis, like Banjo). There were about 86 dinosaurs about the size of a chicken (Skartopus australis) and about 70 about the size of a big dog (Wintonopus latomorum).

Daddy dropped his glasses on the footprints!

Fun Fact: The longest dinosaur was Seismosaurus, which measured over 40m.

Fossicking at Richmond

Near Richmond we went fossicking for dinosaur bones. We found lots of shells from when there was an inland sea in the middle of Queensland.

Fun Fact: Stegosaurus means roof lizard in reference to its bony plates.


  1. Thanks for the great post and the fun facts Matthew. We’ll have to buy Daddy a chain for his glasses – silly Daddy!

  2. Wow Mathew the Dinosaurs look so real. Thank you so much for the post card you sent from fraiser island.

    This is the last week of school holidays. Back to school next week. Wish we were doing your trip.
    Sorry issie we missed sending you birthday wishes. It looked like you had a great day.

    Marcus and Aidan xx

  3. Very interesting Matthew – Thank you for the photos and explanations because I have never been to the dinosaur museum in Winton. You must have loved learning about the dinosaurs!
    Love Aunty Lauris

  4. Great post Matthew. Here to report all your rocks have arrived safely and packed away ready for when your trip is over.

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